Friday, September 16, 2016

"The Knees of Ananke" release announcement

Oenyaw is ready to release "The Knees of Ananke (in A major)". A 63 day long assembly of 720 pieces that all begin and end with "A", 2:06 hour tracks of which there are 6.6895*10ex198 different orders possible and a playing time of 1.1546*10ex198 years to play. It is an exploration of the 5040 different possible orders of the seven notes of the scale (A, B, C#, D, E, F# and G#; 7! = 5040).

For all of you who have been misled in thinking that there are only so many possibilities in song writing, believing that creativity has restraints, that everything has been played, here's a rebuttal to being forced to believe the idea that creative thought has boundaries, an idea placed in your heads by those who want to sell you yet another product of intellectual torture.

For all of you who have been harassed by people who cannot plan, much less think, beyond their next paycheck, while they proudly proclaim they know the pathway to eternal life, and attempt to force others into accepting their shallow opinions, here's the closest item available to eternity. Find out if they can handle the first sixty three days. Every person who has ever lived could spend their lives listening to a different order, or version of the piece.

Available on a 256 gig flash drive, formatted as 320 kbs mp3 files. Please don't succumb to the idiocy carved into our music market bourgeoisie ignorantly proclaiming the inferiority of mp3 music sound quality because "When you transfer it to a CD, it doesn't sound good". Mp3s play better on a device that plays mp3s. Besides, it's 720 2:06 hour tracks, they won't fit on CDs.