Thursday, November 10, 2016

Shoulder surgery

The surgery was a success. I will be recording soon.  Bone spurs and debris. Now dealing with a nerve block and oxycodone. I swear, I have no idea how anyone could do this drug for fun.  I feel like my whole body is in a tight corset.

Friday, September 16, 2016

"The Knees of Ananke" release announcement

Oenyaw is ready to release "The Knees of Ananke (in A major)". A 63 day long assembly of 720 pieces that all begin and end with "A", 2:06 hour tracks of which there are 6.6895*10ex198 different orders possible and a playing time of 1.1546*10ex198 years to play. It is an exploration of the 5040 different possible orders of the seven notes of the scale (A, B, C#, D, E, F# and G#; 7! = 5040).

For all of you who have been misled in thinking that there are only so many possibilities in song writing, believing that creativity has restraints, that everything has been played, here's a rebuttal to being forced to believe the idea that creative thought has boundaries, an idea placed in your heads by those who want to sell you yet another product of intellectual torture.

For all of you who have been harassed by people who cannot plan, much less think, beyond their next paycheck, while they proudly proclaim they know the pathway to eternal life, and attempt to force others into accepting their shallow opinions, here's the closest item available to eternity. Find out if they can handle the first sixty three days. Every person who has ever lived could spend their lives listening to a different order, or version of the piece.

Available on a 256 gig flash drive, formatted as 320 kbs mp3 files. Please don't succumb to the idiocy carved into our music market bourgeoisie ignorantly proclaiming the inferiority of mp3 music sound quality because "When you transfer it to a CD, it doesn't sound good". Mp3s play better on a device that plays mp3s. Besides, it's 720 2:06 hour tracks, they won't fit on CDs.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Deleted Facebook page

The Wayne Higgins Facebook page is gone. I kept getting sucked into argument after argument, everything from presidential campaigns to how to clean a dog's ears. The number of people who mouth's spew out garbage without any substantial reference is amazing.  It's become a breeding ground for hatred backed by corporate sponsors. My final post was "I've had enough."
I'll be honest, if it's one big advertising vehicle, than I will return with an Oenyaw page which be only used to advertise the music of Oenyaw.  Be on the lookout after September 7.
"The Knees of Ananke" is nearing completion. Key of A major, 720 2:06:00 tracks which all end and begin with "a", no repeats. Can be played in any order taking 63 days to complete. 2.6 ex 1746 different possible combinations. Only available by request, on external drive. I did it at 320kbs, it takes up 200 gigs.
I'm still waiting for the last three discs to go up on the website, as well as the repairs. I'm not pushing. My son does the site and he just moved into a house. I'll keep all posted on the posting.
One more thing. I may need shoulder surgery. Tears in the muscles ad ligaments. Hurts like hell. Let all know when I know more.
Tata for now, Oenyaw.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 2016

It's been a while, but I'm still working.  Three discs are about to be put on the site. Joni and the Pink Picasso, The Prisoners if Portmeirion, and Rainbow Bridge (Dream Mix).  Joni will have the first Oenyaw cover, Pink Floyd's "Obscured by Clouds", and two rip off tunes "Bogeyman" and "Oenyaw's Therapeutic Breakfast".  Lots of Oenyaw on both discs. Rainbow Bridge (Dream Mix) is a remix of the two discs, tracks on top of tracks, and will be best played on shuffle. There is no set order to the tracks.
I've been consumed by redoing The Knees of Ananke. The first appearance was on Why Would Heaven Have A Gate. It was edited down to around two hours. The reworking of the track will be the longest. Ever. By anyone. Going for the Guinness World Record.
I'm at work now, so I gotta go.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Still here.

From the numbers of people viewing the blog, maybe I should do a tour of Russia and China.  I haven't written for a while, working new job, in a completely new universe.  The paychecks are a bit smaller, but the conditions beyond anything I've ever experienced.  Not to mention actually having weekends and holidays for the first time in over ten years.
In the music department, many changes.  I've recorded two discs worth of material that I'm about to completely redo.  I've been studying Joni Mitchell, guitar tuning and playing technique, the tracks are sounding different, of course.  What I enjoy most about music is that I always have more to learn.  A friend, of whom I consider to be s better musician recently stated that he was "still trying to learn how to play guitar".  I feel the same way.  With the intervention of revelations like Cmaj9th tunings, it's like opening a door to a big room, where every step I take brings about more light.
The website is coming along, slowly, but coming.  Dave has taken over again, and having to learn what was done while working a job where he is training employees as well as raising a new daughter.  Kudos to him for everything.
I do have a reason to start playing gigs. I need the money to buy few new guitars.  I'm looking at a 9-string Schecter, an Italia electric sitar/guitar, and a fretless electric.  I refuse to use 'bill money", so gigs may be coming, which can only have a positive impact.
Ta ta for now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A new life

This year has been unbelievable.  A major illness, a new career, a catastrophic event in the home which has totally changed the way I live, and a very interesting change in the demographics of Oenyaw.  A year ago, I would have probably been able to accept a prediction of these events, while not have been able to predict them myself or provide details.  I will say I have become stronger physically and emotionally due to the changes, and that I'm looking forward for all that may happen next.
I only give details on Oenyaw on the blog, so I'll attempt to explain what is happening without even trying to figure out how things are going the direction at present.  There seems to be a significant change in who, or the location of who, is listening.  After years of an Oenyaw audience being five to ten friends listening with two to five others in the world checking it out, I now find myself being followed by a much larger group of people in southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia.  I find myself looking up cities that I never knew existed to get an idea where they are.  There's a smaller number in India and Africa, but the change has led me to the equator, for the most part.  Another stunning (from an ignorant American point of view) aspect of this new demographic lies in the realization that many of them are Islamic. They seem to be a very loving group of people, which is getting more and more difficult to find in this country.
In conclusion, I welcome this with an ecstatic feeling, knowing that my music is being accepted by a group that I never would have thought to have been interested, much less accepting and (hopefully) understanding what I'm trying to accomplish as Oenyaw.  I only hope it continues (and escillates).
BTW, album 41 is complete, I just need titles.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Oenyaw rebuild

I've started a project of recovering all the Oenyaw music data files, then saving them as wav files, as opposed to only mp3 files at 256kbs.  It's a mountain, but moving along rather quickly, or quicker than I thought it would.  There have been a few surprises.  Such as there are numerous tracks that were actually one take mono recordings.  It didn't remember that "A Quiet Evening With a Few Friends" was recorded in three sessions.  Some of the tracks are requiring multiple increases in gain, while others are do loud that it blows the headphones off of my head and takes a while to recover.  I'm planning on putting the tracks on clouds, sending to internet radio stations, ect.  Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.  Thanks.