Sunday, June 4, 2017

46 and 47 are complete. They have been sent off to the big city to be uploaded. It shouldn't be long now. I can't believe it took six months. I haven't been able to play much. Shoulder surgery, bone spurs, frozen muscle, and now my right wrist is going through a carple tunnel flair up. But it doesn't keep me from making music.
46 is an album in two parts. The House of the Crimson Whores is the album. The first part, The Circus Animals Desertion, is beat oriented. Programming, mixing, sampling (old Oenyaw), and apps. The second part , The Death of Cuchulian, is the opposite. Same methods, but not beaten to death. Song titles are taken mainly from paintings of prostitutes or classical subjects. The parts are titles of poems by Yeats, and the album title is my view of the present government, with a twist on King Crimson.
47 is a 10:26:28 long, 12 part, dark ambient piece. The Eloquent Silence.
These will be on the website soon.
BTW, 48 has begun. Old school electronic. My Lois and Bebe Baron, Mortin Sobotnik, Throbbing Gristle influences will emerge.


Sunday, April 9, 2017

The world

A mess. Total mess, ruled by incompetence.

That's as political as I will get, although I could continue.

Music news, Typee is complete. The 35 tracks have titles on the web page. If you've read the book, it all makes sense. A musical book report.


Friday, March 17, 2017

New music

A brief post.
I am now doing the Oenyaw site.
5 new albums are up.
Also in the process of changing the site appearance.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year

I ended 2016 with disc #45. "There Standeth Minos (at the Jackson Pollock Exhibit)". Twelve tracks that kind of converge onto a mix from a musical palate like blue poles in an autumn rhythm. Numbered murals of shimmering substance looked upon from eyes in the heat into a lavender mist.  It's all guitar. Once again, an Oenyaw disc that just happens to be 666 MB. As soon as I get it to that web guy, and he has the time, it will get on the website with the other four discs from 2016. (One of those is an edit of a single which is only available on flash drive, due to its 63 day length/200 GB size).
Happy New Year from Asheville Highlands.