Thursday, September 25, 2014

a resurgence of sorts

The way I view the situation is that of I continue to make this music, then eventually enough people will listen, forcing those who have not experienced Oenyaw will take notice.  I actually do not consider myself as the best of anything.  But if I have been doing these six hour mega-albums with no competitors, either the idea is so bad that I am the worst at what I am doing.  Logic points to the conclusion that if I am not the best, I can't be the worst.  I am going for 50 of these discs before I die.  One is on the way that should turn some heads.  I'll keep you all posted.

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yet another day

I don't want to blog about my depressing life. As a matter of fact, I am happy.  I just finished disc 37 "Apollo's Return".  I have a grand child on the way.  I have a job that enables me to care for others, and I am working towards obtaining a dietician license.  I just wish it would be better for those around me. I wish I could sign a paycheck over to my employees, just once, but I don't believe it would make them better employees.  I wish I could sell lots of Oenyaw discs, but it's not what I do it for. It's the uncertainty that knocks me around.  I actually wish I could sleep at night, just once.  All night.
Oh well, life sucks sometimes.

"Apollo's Return" is disc #37.  6 hrs plus, 12 tracks, all electric guitar.  I need to get everything written about my other discs, post the covers.  "Typee", "Excuse me while I talk to God", "Waiting for the Mortician or someone like him (Open Mic night at the Vogoon Poetry Club)", and "Drawings from the Ancient Studio".  I guess I have done a few lately.

I need to get more to Jeremy to post on the website.  He's done a great job with it.  Please visit and download what ever you wish. Remember, an hour with Oenyaw is an hour away from everything else.