Saturday, December 19, 2015

Still here.

From the numbers of people viewing the blog, maybe I should do a tour of Russia and China.  I haven't written for a while, working new job, in a completely new universe.  The paychecks are a bit smaller, but the conditions beyond anything I've ever experienced.  Not to mention actually having weekends and holidays for the first time in over ten years.
In the music department, many changes.  I've recorded two discs worth of material that I'm about to completely redo.  I've been studying Joni Mitchell, guitar tuning and playing technique, the tracks are sounding different, of course.  What I enjoy most about music is that I always have more to learn.  A friend, of whom I consider to be s better musician recently stated that he was "still trying to learn how to play guitar".  I feel the same way.  With the intervention of revelations like Cmaj9th tunings, it's like opening a door to a big room, where every step I take brings about more light.
The website is coming along, slowly, but coming.  Dave has taken over again, and having to learn what was done while working a job where he is training employees as well as raising a new daughter.  Kudos to him for everything.
I do have a reason to start playing gigs. I need the money to buy few new guitars.  I'm looking at a 9-string Schecter, an Italia electric sitar/guitar, and a fretless electric.  I refuse to use 'bill money", so gigs may be coming, which can only have a positive impact.
Ta ta for now.