Thursday, August 25, 2016

Deleted Facebook page

The Wayne Higgins Facebook page is gone. I kept getting sucked into argument after argument, everything from presidential campaigns to how to clean a dog's ears. The number of people who mouth's spew out garbage without any substantial reference is amazing.  It's become a breeding ground for hatred backed by corporate sponsors. My final post was "I've had enough."
I'll be honest, if it's one big advertising vehicle, than I will return with an Oenyaw page which be only used to advertise the music of Oenyaw.  Be on the lookout after September 7.
"The Knees of Ananke" is nearing completion. Key of A major, 720 2:06:00 tracks which all end and begin with "a", no repeats. Can be played in any order taking 63 days to complete. 2.6 ex 1746 different possible combinations. Only available by request, on external drive. I did it at 320kbs, it takes up 200 gigs.
I'm still waiting for the last three discs to go up on the website, as well as the repairs. I'm not pushing. My son does the site and he just moved into a house. I'll keep all posted on the posting.
One more thing. I may need shoulder surgery. Tears in the muscles ad ligaments. Hurts like hell. Let all know when I know more.
Tata for now, Oenyaw.