Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello World

I just figured it out that people are looking (reading) this blog from all over the world.  This makes me happy, and it would be interesting if someone would leave some comments.

I was driving to work this morning listening to Annette Funicello, taking in a foggy world.  I stopped to get a few photographs of a large field of grass that was hidden under a blanket of fog.  Really beautiful.

I often carry on discussions in my head concerning music to pass the time while driving, but I hardly ever write them down.  One of the items is that I consider there to be two ways of presenting music when performing.  Recital or Improvisation.  I have tried to go totally towards improvisation.  This type of music, when performed can be instantly ruined when someone causes a power surge that gets into the loop and causes an immediate end to the piece.  If it is something I have been working on for years and I'm finally getting a good groove on the piece, it would cause much grief.  If it's an improve piece, then if it is not too loud of a pop, I try t work it in. (BTW, this has happened, so I speak from experience.)

As far as recording, the pieces I have done that were pre-writen and later carried out do not have the same life that an improv piece may have.  Much of what I record is made up of constructed works anyway.  Some are one take, one track.  Some are a few tracks from separate sessions combined.  Most are usually one days work, or one week.  I have long felt that the idea behind making a track that lasts over an hour is not preplanned to be that long, I merely allow such a thing to happen.  The tracks that are 6 hours are preplanned to be that long.  I am now working on a four part, 24 hour (6 hours for each part) piece.  I had originally planned it to be something quite philosophical, but I have changed gears, become more honest with myself, and decided to make it more personal.  (It seems that everytime I get into some deep philosophy, I start researching the subject and find that there are many people who add their own opinions and extrapolate the philosophy to the point that I would not have anything worth while to add, and that if I did, it would provoke many arguments.  To quote Lincoln: "It is better to be quite and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.")  Back to the "more personal" theme.  I have decided that it will be type of self-portrait, one that defines Wayne Higgins' daily life.  The overall theme will be exploring just how boring of a person that I really am.

More later....