Sunday, November 2, 2014

is there anybody out there

I'm off the grid.  It's why I don't post often.  I would love to read what others feel about Oenyaw.    BTW, disc #37, Conversations with Apollo, is complete.  I need to get it to Dave or Jeremy to upload on the site.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

a resurgence of sorts

The way I view the situation is that of I continue to make this music, then eventually enough people will listen, forcing those who have not experienced Oenyaw will take notice.  I actually do not consider myself as the best of anything.  But if I have been doing these six hour mega-albums with no competitors, either the idea is so bad that I am the worst at what I am doing.  Logic points to the conclusion that if I am not the best, I can't be the worst.  I am going for 50 of these discs before I die.  One is on the way that should turn some heads.  I'll keep you all posted.

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yet another day

I don't want to blog about my depressing life. As a matter of fact, I am happy.  I just finished disc 37 "Apollo's Return".  I have a grand child on the way.  I have a job that enables me to care for others, and I am working towards obtaining a dietician license.  I just wish it would be better for those around me. I wish I could sign a paycheck over to my employees, just once, but I don't believe it would make them better employees.  I wish I could sell lots of Oenyaw discs, but it's not what I do it for. It's the uncertainty that knocks me around.  I actually wish I could sleep at night, just once.  All night.
Oh well, life sucks sometimes.

"Apollo's Return" is disc #37.  6 hrs plus, 12 tracks, all electric guitar.  I need to get everything written about my other discs, post the covers.  "Typee", "Excuse me while I talk to God", "Waiting for the Mortician or someone like him (Open Mic night at the Vogoon Poetry Club)", and "Drawings from the Ancient Studio".  I guess I have done a few lately.

I need to get more to Jeremy to post on the website.  He's done a great job with it.  Please visit and download what ever you wish. Remember, an hour with Oenyaw is an hour away from everything else.

Monday, June 9, 2014


Not enough.  Working on disc 36.  Getting the website up to date is the greatest challenge.  O did find out that if I release my music on CD s, I will break the Guinness world record.  Looking for a legit label or a movie that needs a soundtrack.  More soon, gotta go to work.