Monday, December 26, 2016

Record buying spree today in Knoxville. Falco, Sonny Bono "Inner Views", Tomita "Firebird", Go, Ray Charles and Betty Carter, "Jamin' With Edward" (which one can say is a Stones album), Ramones "Road to Ruin", and Miles Davis "Miles in the Sky". Should suffice a vinyl fix for a while.

The upcoming year plans for Oenyaw may be determined, or influenced, on the Guinness thing. I still have the goal for 50 albums, which may be met in 2017, at the latest 2018. The whole "total time" thing went right out the window with Ananke. I do believe the next Oenyaw album(s) may have some interesting diversions. I've been working with some interesting amps, and now have an electric kalimbra. Maybe embarking on minimilism dance music.

Stay tuned.

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